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Day after day, Eudonet CRM can help your team to recruit and mobilise donors, volunteers and members. Manage donations, partnerships and sponsorships, and offer tailored training to your volunteers. Eudonet CRM is a performance development toolkit that also provides a cross-sectional overview of your projects.

Donor and sponsor management

Recruit and retain your donors using personalized communications. Manage your sponsorship and funding contracts with ease.
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Donation management

With Eudonet you can process, assign and track your donations. Make collection easier by automating processes such as issuing tax receipts.
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Benefit event management

Encourage your contacts to give generously! Create registration and online payment forms. Track on-the-day participation.
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Use your CRM to track payments and reminders with ease via the accounting software interface.
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Volunteer management

Upload volunteers’ background and other information to Eudonet! Elevate their engagement by offering them projects that match their talents.
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Selling Products and Services

Never miss an opportunity! With improved business tracking you can maximise additional and cross sales.
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Increase donor and volunteer engagement with Eudonet CRM

Use your Eudonet CRM management software to design personalized multi-channel communications campaigns for your non-profit organisation. You will be engaging the right person with the right information at the right time. Do not miss a single interaction: record and retain all of your conversations with donors, sponsors, volunteers and members.

Multi-channel communications

Use the most appropriate channel for reaching out to your donors and volunteers: text messages, emails, newsletters, direct mail-outs. Create mass campaigns and analyse their impact.
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Extranet: Donor and volunteer relationship management

Develop individualized relationships with each donor, volunteer and sponsor using our fully secure platform, ideal for document sharing.
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Online surveys

Ensure donor, volunteer and sponsor satisfaction with online questionnaires shared via your preferred channels.
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Stay in touch with your donors, volunteers and sponsors whatever happens

By putting Eudonet CRM at the centre of your technological infrastructure you are giving your permanent staff a customizable mobile web solution. Promote agility! To foster close working relationships with your donors and volunteers, Eudonet is compatible with all your existing internal tools and processes.

Online mobile CRM

Give your staff team all the portability as they need! Eudonet CRM is accessible anywhere via the Eudo Touch app.
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Your Eudonet is hosted in SaaS mode and is 100% secure. It is maintained and continually updated by our teams and has a 99.99% availability rate.
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API and web services

Interface the specialist tools and software in your IT infrastructure to your Eudonet via the API.
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Eudo Store

Use the Eudo Store to ramp up the performance of your Eudonet. Activate all the extensions you need in just a few clicks.
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Encourage collaborative working to improve staff team efficiency

The Eudonet CRM is customizable, ergonomic and collaborative and encourages conversation between teams in your non-profit. This functionality means you can promote sharing and collaborative working amongst your staff teams. This then allows you to optimize familiarity with and support for your donors, volunteers, sponsors and members.

360° Overview

All your most important information at a glance! Record all interactions and activities with your contacts directly into your Eudonet CRM.

Administration interface

Make your CRM a reflection of yourselves! You can customize the interface, processes and automation.
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Shared planner

Encourage teamwork and archive any actions related to your projects. Organise your tasks and appointments, receive notifications for any additions, changes or reminders.
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Shared address book

Record and centralise all data on your contacts and bodies. Find them easily and share them with your teams.
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Dashboard and reporting

Post your association’s performance indicators to your dashboard and analyse your results using dynamic report exports.
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Intuitive and ergonomic

Eudonet CRM is an intuitive solution for easy recording and retrieval. Browse Eudonet with ease and guarantee data quality.
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Choose the package thats right for your organisation:


Start off with your contacts

50 $

per month / user *

Implement a system that sets the benchmark in centralising contributor contacts. One that allows you to motivate your supporter community with ease.

The ideal first stop solution on your collaborative CRM journey.


Leverage your donor relationships

90 $

per month / user *


Recruit donors with ease and track engagement with your cause. Plan your work, budget resources and improve synergy across your core fundraising work.

Managing donations has never been simpler or more agile.


Put your work at the heart of CRM

130 $

per month / user *


Take things a step further by integrating sales management into your CRM: product and services brochures, pricing, quotes, invoicing etc.

And develop even more effective digital campaigns using the advanced, automated marketing functionalities.


Base your organisation around CRM

170 $

per month / user *


Make your CRM the cornerstone of your organisation: Amp up it’s power with the range of options in Eudostore and develop bespoke functionalities integrated with third party tools.

A centralised and ultra-connected CRM.

* User subscriptions are billed annually, with a minimum of 350 $ HT per month

Happy users

Amnistie Internatioanle

“As well as being intuitive, Eudonet has allowed us to make our data more reliable. We know that they are accurate and up to date. The targeting is easy for a dispatch or request. Eudonet is perfect for foundations that wish to leverage performance speed and maintain donor confidence.

Charlène Raby

Fundraising and Donor Relationships Officer at Amnesty International Francophone Canada

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