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Eudonet CRM can help you boost loyalty

Get to know your volunteers better

Just like your donors, your volunteers are people dedicated to your cause. They work alongside you on the ground and give their time for free. Their background and experience are highly valuable to your association, NPO or foundation. So, having good insight into their background is a must in order to assign them to the right project, in the right place at the right time. With Eudonet CRM you can create volunteer profiles that contain all important information: the date they joined the volunteer team, availability, skills, status (permanent or not) event attendance and their departure date should they leave the organization. Having such comprehensive knowledge of each volunteer means you can manage their volunteer experience within your organization more effectively and hence better engage them.
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Recognize the work of your volunteers

The pursuit of meaning, the desire to be useful, the search for authenticity and altruism are all factors influencing your volunteers to promote your cause. But such feelings don't last long when they find it difficult to give their time, especially if the project is demanding and there is no recognition. In short, you need to do everything you can to reduce volunteer disengagement to a minimum. When you use Eudonet CRM to document and log their volunteer journey and their personal and professional skills, it becomes much easier to assign them to the most appropriate roles. What’s more, this knowledge means you can customize messages and get them involved in the most important events of the year.
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Build a solid relationship with your volunteers

Where knowledge and acknowledgement go hand in hand! In order to continue doing the work you do and to ensure organizational sustainability you must forge links with your volunteers. If you devise a volunteer-centred strategy you will undoubtedly enhance their engagement and the essential contribution they make. The Eudonet extranet allows you to build unique relationships with each one of your volunteers. And with good relationship management via Eudonet CRM you can customize your interactions and build mutual trust day after day.


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