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A CRM to efficiently manage your donations and cultural events

Eudonet CRM can support your teams in their day-to-day work hosting your audiences and making each interaction an opportunity for growth. Manage donations and organise your cultural events using a single performance development toolkit. Eudonet CRM also provides you with an overview of your operations.

Effective rental management

Manage renting out your space directly via Eudonet and diversify your funding sources!

Optimized event organization

Invite your contacts to your one-of-a-kind events! Create online registration and payment forms and track participation on the day.
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Simplified billing for all your services

Because the CRM interfaces with your accounting systems you can easily track payments and send out overdue reminders.
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Integrated product and service sales

Maximize business tracking in order to expand opportunities for additional and cross sales.
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Ticketing connection for better management

Centralize all your transactions, ticket sales, subscriptions, donations and registration data.

Centralized donation management

Use your Eudonet CRM to process, assign and manage your donations. Fundraising is simplified thanks to automated processes (tax receipts, automatic acknowledgements).
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Optimize contact relationship management

Leverage the power of marketing automation to get the right information to the right person at the right time. Eudonet CRM has an integrated conversation archive meaning you can design multi-channel communications campaigns and intuitively manage all interactions with your members.

Omnichannel communication for optimal interaction

Interact with your audiences using your preferred channels: Text message, email, newsletter and direct mailing. Create and analyze the impact of your mass marketing campaigns.
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Personalized and secure member area

Provide a dedicated relationship management platform for your contacts. The Extranet is fully secure and is the ideal tool for sharing documents and information.
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Online surveys to collect valuable feedback

Ensure your contacts are happy by sharing online questionnaire forms via your preferred channel.
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Facilitate interactions with a connected and flexible CRM solution

Having Eudonet CRM at the centre of your technological infrastructure makes interacting with your contacts much easier. Give your teams the flexibility of a customizable mobile web solution that works hand-in-glove with your cultural institution’s internal processes.

Connected and mobile CRM for on-the-go management

With Eudo Touch, Eudonet CRM offers the portability and flexibility your teams need to work anywhere.
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Eudonet is fully cloud-based and 100% secure, you do not need to worry about maintaining or updating the systems yourself, and it has an availability rate of 99.99%
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Integration via API and web services

Our API means you can interface your Eudonet with your member areas, external databases and any other tools in your technological infrastructure.
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Eudo Store for additional features 

In the Eudo Store you will find a host of extensions to activate as and when you need them, giving you the right tool for every occasion.
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Foster cooperation and efficiency in your cultural teams

Encourage collaborative teamwork within your organisation. Eudonet CRM is an ergonomic system that allows you to promote teamwork and a culture of cooperation across your teams. With Eudonet CRM you get a 360° panoramic overview of your business that allows you to better manage and achieve your objectives.

360° overview of your contacts and activities

See your contact files at a glance. Record all your work and interactions with your contacts.

Easy and intuitive administration

You can use your Eudonet admin interface to plan out your dashboard, customize your processes and programme your automation.
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Collaborative calendar for better organization

Encourage your teams to work collaboratively. Record actions linked to your project files, organise your tasks and appointments, receive notifications for any additions, changes or reminders.
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Shared address book for centralized management

All of your contacts in one central location! Gather, retrieve and share your data with ease.
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Dashboard and detailed reports

Analyse your performance by tracking your organisational KPIs in the dashboard. Share them via the dynamic reporting.
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Intuitive navigation for simplified use

Thanks to its ergonomic design, Eudonet gives you seamless browsing so you can get the most out its full range of functionalities.
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CRM pricing for Cultural Institutions

Choose the package thats right for your institution:


Start off with your contacts

50 $

per month / user *

Strengthen collaboration by centralising and sharing all your contacts, customers, donors, visitors, partners…

The ideal first stop solution on your collaborative CRM journey.


Build on the relationship with your contacts

90 $

per month / user *


Gather your contacts, plan your actions, project your resources and gain synergy to develop your institution.

Managing your organisation has never been easier or more agile.


Put your work at the heart of CRM

130 $

per month / user *


Take things a step further by integrating sales management into your CRM: product and services brochures, pricing, quotes, invoicing etc.

And develop even more effective digital campaigns using the advanced, automated marketing functionality.

Using CRM for successful growth.


Base your organisation around CRM

170 $

per month / user *


Make your CRM the cornerstone of your organisation: Amp up it’s power with the range of options in Eudostore and develop bespoke functionality integrated with third party tools.

A centralised and ultra-connected CRM.

* User subscriptions are billed annually, with a minimum of 350 $ HT per month


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