Eudo Touch

Your CRM fits in your pocket with iOS and Android

Eudo Touch

With iOS and Android your CRM is in your pocket, meaning you stay productive on the go. This is a must-have extension!

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What if you could manage all your business data and contacts in real time from your smartphone? Whether you are on the move or in the office, your CRM system fits right in your pocket! The Eudo Touch app. is a must-have Eudonet CRM extension as it places everything at your fingertips:

  • All your company contacts
  • A record of your relationship with each of them
  • Meeting organisation
  • An audio record of your meeting minutes
  • All your business data and CRM processes

You have a 360° overview of your contacts and the data you hold about them even while you are working away from the office.

More advantages:

  • Pre-set alerts and notifications
  • Add new files and instantly update existing files
  • Share business cards
  • Day-, week- and month-to-view group calendars
  • Integrated mapping functions
  • Multi-channel communications: calls, emails, text, social media, etc.
  • Import and export your contacts to/from your mobile phone (including after scanning a business card)
  • Add images, photos or screenshots from a phone or camera

Everything fully integrates with the standard functions of your smartphone in both Android and iOS (voicemail, text, photos, maps, calls, etc.,)

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