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Personalized support

Beyond a CRM solution, as powerful as it is, availability, advice and service remain essential to carry out your projects: defining objectives, determining your needs, respecting deadlines, ensuring user participation. Our customers (SMEs, large companies and non-profit organizations) have chosen a single partner to have at their side, as both publisher and integrator, who has the local resources to support them in their project implementation.

Business expertise: the key to a successful CRM integration!

Our specialized consultants offer new customers the benefit of best practices, as well as customized and widely proven solutions. They allow clients to save time when launching their projects, reduce the costs of customization and ensure the knowledge transfer necessary for self-sufficiency.

A long-term solution, a partner by your side

  • A well-proven, cutting-edge technology
  • A Research and Development team with an ear to the market and customer expectations
  • Local and responsive customer support

Key steps in a Eudonet project integration


Our philosophy is to provide our clients with a solution that fits their image, while giving them the benefit of best practices. Since each organization has very specific business processes, our project teams meet our customers to analyze their needs and delve into their organization. Formed as workshops, these meetings allow the Eudonet project manager to identify the functional and technical expectations of the project.

Analysis Eudonet project integration


Once the analysis workshops have been completed, our project teams work on the configuration and development of the requested customizations. This step is accompanied by a series of tests by the project leaders whose mission is to put the different scenarios into practice according to their business processes and request certain adjustments if needed. It is also an opportunity for the customer to prepare the data recovery with the Eudonet project manager’s help.

Personalization Eudonet project integration

Data recovery

Although it is important for our customers to choose a powerful and customizable tool, the major challenge of the project comes is data recovery. To avoid losses, manage redundancies and most of all ensure that each piece of information is correctly placed in the new tool, we support our customers to ensure a quality import.

Data recovery Eudonet project integration


To facilitate change management and ensure user participation, we have deployed an effective training methodology based on practice and dialogue. Supervised by an expert trainer of their business processes and engaged management, users are placed in the best possible position. They put their knowledge into practice with a tool that is adapted to their process and integrates all of their current data.

Training Eudonet project integration



” I was impressed by the project team’s ability to grasp our needs and develop an effective solution while meeting a very short three-month deadline. I am on the third database implementation over the last twelve years and never before has the solution developed met our needs in such a satisfying way. “

Alain Larochelle, Managing Director, Oboulo


” The excellent collaboration between the teams and the quality of the solution helped us foresee a long-term partnership with Eudonet. “

Jean Tremblay, Company Director, Provancher

” What contributed to the success of our project is that we worked with a very dynamic team that was responsive to our needs, who supported us throughout the project. It has been a real human and technological experience. “

Martin Latulippe, Executive Director, AQTR


” The extraordinary thing for a project of this magnitude is that it was set up in just a few months. “

Gaëtan Bouchard, IT Director – Montreal Museum of Fine Arts