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Your business at the heart of CRM

You are our number one source of inspiration. Eudonet has always developed solutions that respond to the challenges of your organisation. By merging management, client relationships (members, donors, the public, etc.) and database management processes, the Eudonet CRM solution allows you to improve your productivity day on day. Find out right now how our functionality can make your teams more supple, more collaborative and more competitive.

CRM for Professional Organisations

Defend your members and safeguard the public! Promote your sector and your professions, offer professionals skills development training
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CRM for Higher Education

Make each contact a training opportunity: students, graduates, companies, (inter)national partners, etc.
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CRM for Foundations

Improve donor, sponsor and volunteer engagement and optimize donations management.
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CRM for Cultural Institutions

Introduce the right tools to help you get to know your audience better and grow your cross sales and revenue!
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The 3 immediate advantages of a Eudonet CRM


A solution designed with and for you alone

A unique user experience through a CRM solution that combines a high performance database, automated management processes and integrated communications tools


100% customizable, 100% online

A CRM that suits you and that evolves with your organization via the extensions available in EudoStore.


The power of a publisher, the suppleness of an integrator

Eudonet has successfully implemented thousands of projects and we are the ideal partner to help you fully master your CRM solution.

Eudonet CRM is much more than a contact management solution!

It is responsive design email editing, automated marketing, relationship tracking (donors, members, the public, prospects, sponsors, partners, clients, suppliers, etc.) sales management, resource management, submission and invoice creation, interconnected planners, surveys, on line forms, API, etc, and so much more! At Eudonet we see CRM as a complete and fully integrated solution to help your organization (association, professional body, foundation, etc.) grow. Its customizable console makes it ergonomic and simple to use.
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