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An essential extension for maximising your business

Manage your product brochure and your service offer

You designed a brochure in order to show your clients the goods and services you offer. So that you can respond quickly to the needs of your market and tackle your competitors head-on, your brochure is dynamic: so, you need to be able to update it quickly and easily and share it with your teams in real time.

With the Eudonet CRM software you can design shared brochures that include product and services listings, descriptions, terms and conditions of sale and pricing (price ex VAT, taxation rates, discounts, etc). Use the same toolkit to customize your order forms and invoices and track subscriptions, ranges, product packs and documentation.

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Convert your potential clients into sales using our CRM solution

Your marketing actions (emails, tele-sales, events and publications), generate interest in the products and services you offer. Hence, you generate sales opportunities. Identify the most fruitful leads to ascertain what they need, make an offer and lock in the sale.

You can use your Eudonet CRM to develop new opportunities and monitor the life-cycle of your prospects and clients. Use your price lists to formulate detailed quotations (quantity, special price) and apply any discounts.

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Guarantee service and performance

In order to meet your side of the deal, once a quotation is signed off you allocate a dedicated expert client advisor. Their job is to track the order and ensure the process runs smoothly. Schedule and organize the quotation, closely monitor the various stages of the sale (from quotation to invoicing).

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Sales reports

By using an indicator analysis solution, you can evaluate your sales strategy. To make your business management more efficient, this solution needs to allow you to assess forecasts so that you never miss an opportunity.

Use the Eudonet software to create business reports linked to your pipeline. This will allow you to closely monitor your turnover, quotations, invoices and payments. Allocate each of your clients an RFM score (recency, frequency, monetary value) and attribute index weighting to detect future opportunities.

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