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Let your customers become your ambassadors

Optimize how your deal with incoming requests

Your development strategy includes leveraging the reputation and image of your organization. And any contacts that are happy with your client management will be more likely to come back to you and may even recommend you to their networks. Ensure your customers receive a warm welcome via Eudonet CRM! Capture omnichannel requests (email, calls, web forms, extranet, social media, marketing campaigns, etc.) and allocate them to the best available or most appropriate client support team member. Manage open tickets and those already being dealt with and measure your performance against response and closure times, for example.
Monitoring customer service management

Stay up to date on every contract

To offer your clients the best possible service you must have a comprehensive knowledge of their records. By having all the component parts centralized in the CRM software, you can view all of this information at a glance. You will then be able to reply more quickly to each incoming request. Using the Eudonet CRM solution, you can check the contractual framework for each of your clients including contract, subscribed offer, guarantee, service level, individual performance tracking for each contract, etc.

Manage the most complex requests with ease

Because each request is unique, you may come up against particular cases that are more complex and time consuming to resolve. Client satisfaction is one of your core values and, as such, streamlining your processes to ensure requests are dealt with and resolved quickly is paramount. Customize your processes according to your own handling criteria. With the Eudonet CRM you can manage support, remote assistance and maintenance agreements. You can arrange preventative site visits or remedial interventions for your clients and manage the internal/external escalation of requests depending on their complexity. Eudonet streamlines all of your processes while ensuring they remain interconnected (submissions, up selling, invoicing, business relationship), linking them up to your other systems (telephony, technical documents library, accounting system).

Collect client feedback for service improvement

Make the most of the client experience by giving your clients a voice! Getting feedback from the people you work with is essential for bringing to light any areas for improvement in your products and services. It also allows you to gauge the quality of your interactions and interventions and inform your strategy and processes. With Eudonet CRM you can interview your clients and gather feedback on their experiences. Design on-line surveys to measure their expectations and satisfaction (advanced survey functionality). Ensure autonomy by allowing them access to your knowledge base and communicate securely with them via the Eudonet Extranet, which is a dedicated client area for your organization.

Shape your customer service strategy

The quality of your relationships with your contacts can be measured against the feedback they provide. Client satisfaction campaigns delivered via on-line surveys are the basis for running your Client Management Service. Their results will guide your service improvement strategy. With Eudonet CRM, you can run and assess the effectiveness of your Customer Service (both qualitative and quantitative) by measuring your indicators including calculating response times, wait lines and also handling rates. You can adjust your indicators based on client satisfaction scores and suggest solutions and objectives for your team to orient them towards improving their service.


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