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How can you manage public action effectively?

Reply to enquiries quickly and efficiently

The purpose of your professional body is to support your members on legal and social issues. As such, one of your core aims is to put the right people in contact with each other and maximize your workflow. With Eudonet CRM, you can confidentially allocate enquiries from the members area to the right people. You can also make use of sector experts or the records of past responses to develop a rich knowledge base that includes relevancy scores. In doing so, you’ll know that you are always offering the best, most appropriate response. You can group requests by subject using key words and spot significant, recurring issues for your members. This then gives you the opportunity to create targeted training or information campaigns.
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Track your representatives’ terms of office on joint authorities

Having representation on public bodies is essential for defending the rights and demands of your members. With Eudonet, you can define each person’s role within your organization and track the number of seats you hold, thereby ensureing you are continuously represented. You can use your representatives’ shared calendar to get an overview of the planning chart of your partner authorities and commissions. Organize your lobbying campaigns, target the right people, send out invitations to your guests and track event sign-up and attendance. You can also centralize and send out minutes, post-event.
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Showcase your services and influence public discourse

In order to meet your members’ transparency requirements, all information relating to your work must be easily accessible, including member audience, workforce and directory, contributions levels, the number of training courses held and participants per year, number and nature of lobbying operations, local coverage, and so on. You can centralize all of this data into Eudonet CRM and export it in just few clicks. You can use the graphics settings to measure and view your representativeness across all the operations you manage and thereby exert greater influence over decision making by government bodies. This then allows you to assess the legitimacy of your negotiations.
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