A range of extensions to be even closer to your users

Which contacts are most important to you? The Score extension allows you to rate each of them according to customizable criteria to determine their level of importance.
Whether you are in a conquest, follow-up or loyalty phase, instantly identify what each contact means to you. Fully customizable, Score segregates and ranks all your contacts according to carefully chosen performance criteria.   A powerful scoring engine:
  • Unlimited number of indicators
  • Based on all the headings in the database
  • Calculations by thresholds or by ranges
  • Scheduled or on-demand processing
  • Weighted indicators between them
Multiple segmentation :
  • Unlimited number of scores
  • Multi-criteria score
  • Tracking of score evolution
  • Dynamic ranking
An indispensable tool :
  • Marketing segmentation
  • Performance tracking
  • Frequency and recency measurement
  • Risk identification
Choose your KPI's, customize your algorithms, combine them and take advantage of a perfect knowledge of your customers. Thanks to the Score extension, you can automate the calculation of a score for each of your contacts and each of your companies. This score is dynamically constituted from a set of weighted indicators. These indicators can be based on all the headings and tabs of the database according to customizable intervals.
Score can have multiple uses, including the qualification of a legal or physical person by a notation respecting pre-defined criteria, such as:
  • The generated turnover
  • Purchase frequency
Or even according to less financial criteria :
  • Date of first purchase
  • Number of presence
  • Length of time in business
This will give you the possibility to qualify your customers according to the specificities you want to highlight in them.