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Promote your institution's research and innovation

Centralize work flow for research agreements

Getting sign-off for research and innovation agreements can be complex when they are jointly supervised by number of organizations. University laboratories and higher education institutions must implement specific processes to ensure they are conveyed to all signatories. Through Eudonet CRM and its workflow management and electronic signature extensions (DocuSign), you can simplify and streamline the management of each of these steps. This will make the overall process much quicker and more efficient.

Manage your intellectual property rights

It can take a number of years for the product of your research to finally come to fruition. This is a significant investment of people and time! Hence, any researcher is going to register their invention. In order to reap the benefits of the invention and retain their rights, they must submit a patent, both in their home country and all other territories. With Eudonet you can create and track the calendar of when your intellectual property and inventions protections expire in any given territory in order to pre-empt and renew rights on time.

Add value to the results of your research

Research centres in Colleges, CEGEPs and Universities, subsidiaries and institutions are a legal and commercial force whose aim is to facilitate multiple laboratories working together on research by scouting commercial opportunities. With the Eudonet sales management tools, you can manage the sale of research services or the sale of Intellectual Property titles in the form of licenses. This will allow your institution to work hand-in-glove with the commercial sector in promoting your research.


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