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Guarantee data quality

Expand your CRM every day

Your data is a goldmine for maximizing your opportunities. You can use marketing campaigns, events or an extranet to increase your portfolio of contacts. Anything could be a source (spreadsheet, text file, external database), and it is essential you gather all of your data into a single location. With Eudonet, importing data is simple: upload or copy/paste your file directly into the CRM with ease. Drag and drop to map your file to your database. Build more complex import models to feed into multiple tabs. Ensure high quality data by identifying de-dupe keys and setting import rights for each user.
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Ensure your data is always up to date

The potential to end up with duplicates in your database depends on your data quality and the range of sources. This could have an impact on your clients: receiving multiple copies of the same mass email, incorrect analysis, etc. Eudonet CRM has merge and de-dupe functionality which means you can avoid redundant overlaps and process your data automatically. Ensure your data are recent and high quality by regularly updating your contacts files.
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Select and export your data

Whether you need data for internal purposes or to fulfil transparency requirements, you need to be able to export your data at a given point in time in order to analyse it and draft progress reports. With Eudonet CRM, you can create your own export templates, select headers to mine and set the reconstruction format, for example text, Excel, Word, HTML or PowerBI. Feed your Excel stats spreadsheets or dynamic calculations sheets and create combinations with a powerful filter engine. Plan and automate export launch, and set read-only and editing rights based on each person’s role or position in the hierarchy.
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