You need never miss another piece of crucial information


With Eudonet notifications you need never miss a piece of business-critical information, and it does'nt clogg up your inbox!


When you are drowning in emails, critical information can easily be overlooked.

Eudonet has an integrated notification system specifically designed to resolve this, allowing you to receive alerts prior to meetings, when a file is created or modified, or when a category status is changed.

A pop-up message will alert you to a new notification. The notifications list is also accessible via the “Notifications” icon, giving you direct access to the newly created or updated item.
Notifications Eudonet

When a new information request is created, when the status of a particular case changes, or an authorisation is requested, you can opt to notify one or more internal users as well as external partners.

You have the freedom to personalise the look and content of your notifications and you will never miss a piece of crucial information again!