Une panoplie d’extensions pour être encore plus proches de vos utilisateurs

Make reliable sending and signing all your contractual documents, quotes, agreements, promises of sale, etc. directly from Eudonet.
The Electronic Signature by DocuSign extension is added to your Eudonet CRM to allow you to submit generated documents and attachments for signature by one or more of your contacts. Thanks to this extension, DocuSign guarantees you :
    • be able to sign from any platform (iOS, Android, Windows phone),
    • you can sign remotely, from anywhere in the world,
    • that each digital signature is unique, documentable, encrypted and forgery-proof.
You can follow in real time the signatures that have been affixed by the different signatories. Digitally signed documents are then directly entered into Eudonet, at the heart of your business processes. No need to print your documents and send them by registered mail. With the Electronic Signature by Docusign extension, save time without ever leaving your Eudonet CRM!